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Baleno uses socially and ethically responsible purchasing that minimises environmental impact and delivers economically sound solutions.

We belive in good business practice and resource efficiency.

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Organic & Naked is Baleno's brand for organic and Fairtrade clothing produced in India.

Why Organic?
Why Fairtrade?

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Make it your own!
Customise your own product using material that you know is ethically and sustainably produced.

Contact us for any branding or Business to Business (B2B) enquires.

Baleno offers sustainable solutions that saves both consumer costs and global resources.
We choose suppliers carefully and work directly with them to bring ethical products at the best prices directly to the buyer.


Baleno is committed to Sustainable Global Development.


Baleno will work with you. Whether you want full programme management or simple transactional services, we tailor our approach to the size and need of each project. We can implement projects from design through to closure, or we can fill specific gaps.


Baleno acts as an independent procurement agent to get eco-friendly and sustainable supplies for projects and programmes around the world. We have worked with government and aid agencies, the United Nations, and Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs). With experience in humanitarian and high-profile projects as well as small specialist projects, Baleno is a diligent and sustainable partner.


Baleno has its own sustainable brand for certified Fair-trade ECO cotton clothing and textiles – Eco & Naked.

You can customise your own product ethically and enjoy sustainability while sharing your own story – contact us for any branding and B2B enquiries.


Want to be a part of a Social Enterprise?

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